With every passing day APIs business is becoming more challenging in terms of the competitiveness, regulatory requirements and the latest technologies.
BIOALTUS team understands well about the APIs business and its dynamics and has customer centric approach to cater the APIs and Pharmaceutical Intermediates of the best quality and services.
BIOALTUS has virtual GMP approved manufacturing facilities and caters the products with necessary regulatory and the documentation support.
BIOALTUS’s virtual manufacturing facilities has the reaction capabilities to carry out complex reactions such as Fermentation, Hydrogenation, Halogenation, Alkyllation, Reduction, Grignard Synthesis, Friedal Craft Synthesis, Diazotization, Chiral Reduction, Oxidation by MNo2 etc.
BIOALTUS offers the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( APIs) for COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases), Anti-Asthma, Musculoskeletal and Pain Management, Genitourinary System, GI Tract, Anti-Obesity, Anti -Psychotic, Anti-Allergic, Anthelmintic and Cardiovascular Diseases.
BIOALTUS believes in delivering the best quality product to its customers and utmost care is taken throughout the Supply Chain with stringent quality checks.
The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( APIs) are well supported by the Drug Master Files ( DMFs), Technical Packages, CoPP ( Certificate of the Pharmaceutical Product) and WC ( Written Confirmation as per EU Directive.